Friday, 6 July 2012

Day 16

Homeward bound

Allow 2 hours to get to the airport in a taxi and pray that nothing goes wrong - Friday night traffic here is notorious.

Its been a blast.  Jakarta is an amazing place.  I did my final walk back from work to the hotel - hot, muggy, suit jacket on and a bag over my shoulder - arrived to the air-conditioned fortress just before I melted - its super smoggy today as well - and then one last time through the security.

Highlights?  The sheer intensity of the place; finding great people to work with; meeting a Sultan; and possibly the most "never to be repeated" experience: being whisked through the crowded chaotic streets in a motorcade - sirens, flashing lights, going on the wrong side of the road, powering through deceptively impenetrable traffic - that was a weird experience - not one I want to repeat, but one I am glad I had.

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  1. Did the trip in an hour and a half - so enjoying a beer in the Garuda Lounge