Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 2

Off I went to work today.  One word – high security – well, that’s two words but you get the picture.  That is the key thing that strikes you about the workplaces and hotels here, the very real security.  You forget about the dangers posed by extremists when you are back in Australia but are reminded of them every time you move about here.

As a result, I am staying in a pampered fortress of a hotel as the luxury ones are the only ones with the required security.  I suspect that my luxury is an unintended consequence of the extremists’ actions - unless I have misread their motives that is.

I can't say I am used to five star hotels with no kids of my own around but have to admit that one could get used to it  - in measured doses of course.

The bed, TV, bathroom, shower and bath are all bigger than we have back home.  The air-conditioner is set for 22 - which feels warmer than the 22 the ducted heating is set on back home - I must check the thermostat on my return.

Anyway, after a hard day at the office and a post work cleansing ale in my room, it was off to a party.  There was a clear expat vibe and a great cover band belting out classic party anthems with verve, and supporting anyone who wanted to star as lead singer for a while.  I resisted the urge to get up for ACDC’s Back in Black and Chisel’s Khe Sanh you might be relieved to know – I am travelling for work after all and there are certain standards of behaviour expected.

The band singers and dance floor provided a great snapshot of the broad church that is Indonesia – from gorgeous OTT glamour pusses to very conservatively dressed headdress wearers – all appearing to have an equally a great time I should add.

Jakarta at night clearly is very much a young person’s town - I am reminded of an Indonesian friend I haven't seen for nigh on fifteen years who went some way towards capturing this joie de vivre in his attitude towards life.

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