Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 9

So yesterday in my blog I said that there were 5 million new motorcycles a year in Indonesia - it appears I was wrong, apparently last year 8.1 million new motorocycles were sold - how foolish do I feel?

I was thinking that 5 million figure was a bit of an understatement just from a rough count on my walk home in the evenings.

Friday night traffic appears to be the worst.  In fact, in the walk tonight from happy hour to the restaurant, the traffic was so bad we were moving faster than the wall to wall motorbikes - you know the traffic is bad when even they can't get anywhere.

And then, later, on the walk home, the traffic had eased and there were cyclists out for a ride - some with lights, others without, some with helmets, others without - I guess it all depends on your level of fatalism.

Changing the subject just a bit, just because I can . . . I had my shirts laundered and ironed today and got them back looking so nice that I decided I couldn't face messing one up to go out again once I got back to the hotel.  So, I am sitting in my hotel room watching Lord of The Rings with the sound down low - With the Bahasa subtitles I am never sure when they are speaking Elvish or not.

Oh, and having a nice glass of WA red as a night cap as my hoped for weekend adventure now appears to be a surf too far.  The need to do some work, yet again, messing with my lifestyle.

I suppose work didn't pay for me to come out here to surf now, did they?!

I am, however, starting to wonder whether my boycott of Indonesian surf spots on cultural grounds might be hurting me more than it hurts Australian yobbo surfers.  Since I find I like Jakarta, smog and all, how bad can Bali be?

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