Sunday, 24 June 2012

Day 4


Travelling is different for everyone depending on where they are at in their lives - a self evident statement - but I suppose one that is particularly pertinent to me being in Jakarta without the family in tow.  I am not sure how much it contributes to the feeling of unreality and calmness that I feel in the middle of what is a pretty frenetic city - then again, it is Sunday - even here. But having only yourself to worry about is so much easier than travelling with kids.

One thing that strikes you here, is how wealth and poverty rub shoulders continuously.  I remember India, twenty odd years ago, didn't have that same juxtaposition, but I suppose it must do now.

Anyway, back to Sunday - a nice full breakfast, at a leisurely pace, reading the Sunday papers.  A rest, a swim and then lunch out and a bit of stroll through a couple of different shopping experiences - an older style bazaar and into one of the new malls that are proliferating throughout the city.

Purchases: 30 DVDs for less than $30; and a large bottle of water.

Back to the hotel to find my room straightened to perfection as usual - and I thought I had folded my pyjamas well enough.  Even my novel has been closed, hotel branded bookmark inserted, and neatly placed just where it should be next to my bed. Lookout Katherine, my expectations are rising.


Its afternoon, the city is looking pretty smoggy and/or cloudy - its hard to tell - and there is a bit of wind that seems to suggest rain might be on its way. I might sneak in one more swim before an evening beer and dinner - its a hard life but someone has to do it.

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