Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Day 7

Well, a full week so I have decided to start living dangerously.

There are two ways to operate here for westerners.  By the risk avoidance handbook or using common sense.

You can eat only in the western catering luxury hotel you are staying in and book taxis from this heavily fortified hotel to your heavily fortified workplace and back and avoid any real interaction with the place.

Or, you fully immerse yourself in the place.

Or, of course, you can do a little immersion, a little toe dipping, if you like.

So, after a week of acclimatisation, I accepted an invitation from the local staff to eat at a local little restaurant - lovely food - I went for the well cooked chilli covered stuff.

And then eshewed the taxi home which takes 15-30 mins depending on traffic and opted to walk which takes 20 mins.

Outside of having consumed at least four cigarettes of smoke on the way home, no harm done - cough cough.

This photo, shows the traffic going home before peak hour hits.

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